Our approach

Every financial situation is unique, so our solutions are too. We provide bespoke, coordinated financial advice that’s truly independent – and because your world is constantly changing, we continually review our strategy to make sure it’s working for you.

It’s called our FULL CIRCLE APPROACH, and it’s what makes us different.






Effective financial planning revolves around you and your needs, so the process always starts with listening to what you want. During a free initial consultation, we’ll learn and understand more about your situation, your long-term plans and your priorities. From there, if you wish to progress to an initial meeting, we will discuss how we might be able to help, answer any questions or concerns and guide you through your potential options in plain English. We’ll also outline our fee structure at this stage.
With a full understanding of your situation and having collected the necessary information about your goals for the future, it’s time for us to analyse. We’ll assess your existing financial plans to see if they’re fit for purpose, then take a look at the whole market to explore thousands of possible options.
We then build your financial strategy by hand-picking the best financial options to help you reach your goals. Our process is all about complete transparency. We’ll sit down with you to explain (in jargon-free terms) exactly why we’ve chosen the products we have, showing you different options and performance-related data so that you have all the facts. This puts you in complete control, and whether you want to go ahead is always your decision.
Once you’ve had plenty of time to fully consider our advice, we’ll work with you to implement your financial plan. We know that your world is always changing, so flexibility is important. If you do have a change in circumstances or your goals for the future, we make sure to re-analyse and adapt your strategy to reflect what’s best for you.
We constantly review your portfolio’s performance to ensure you stay on track. We have our finger on the pulse of the latest regulations and a complete view of the financial market so we can suggest new ways to help you achieve your goals quicker. We have an ‘open door’ policy, but we also make reviewing your money’s performance on your own simple and quick with Enable, our signature online client system.

Our fee philosophy

We know that fees are an important factor for people who are considering financial advice. We never charge for an initial meeting – it’s our chance to get to know each other and understand the value we can add.


Transparency is a key part of building trust in a relationship, so we ensure there are no unwelcome surprises. We’ll always be up front about our charges and when they need to be paid.