Introducing Wealth Platform Version 2.0

We are delighted to inform you that a new and improved version of our client portal, Wealth Platform, has now been released.

If you are already an active user of Wealth Platform…

You’ll find the latest version has been redesigned and optimised for mobile and tablet, the sign-in process has been simplified, the dashboard has been refreshed, and a new ‘assets overview’ feature has been added.

For those of you who have not yet tried Wealth Platform…

This is a secure client portal connected to our back office system, RBEnable, which provides you with the option to view your updated asset valuations independently at any time. We can also use the system to electronically share and store your documents (e.g. Financial Planning Reports) in a secure environment.

To learn more about what’s new, click here for a downloadable PDF. 

Answers to some immediate questions you may have are as follows:

Why is there a completely new version of Wealth Platform?

Wealth Platform Version 1 has been live for 5 years and is now quite dated. Version 2 has been completely redesigned from scratch, which makes it much more suitable for use on many different devices. It works as well on mobiles and tablets as it does on a desktop.

Do I need to change how I log on to Version 2?

You will now access it via a different link, i.e. However, the previous link will redirect you to the new version. Your username and password will remain the same.

Is Version 1 still live?

No – from the 30th November you will be automatically redirected to the new version.

If you haven’t signed up yet and are interested in registering, please contact Audrey or Helen or send an email to, and we will take you through the process.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or feedback.

Kind Regards,

The RB Team


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