I'm happy to trust Robertson Baxter with my money.

I’m Wendy Furman, and I’ve been a client with Robertson Baxter for just over a year.

I needed a financial adviser, I had one previously, or rather my husband and I had worked with one previously for a long time. Then he retired and then my husband fell ill, and we were without one that we could trust, or we got on with for a number of years. Then sadly, my husband died at the end of 2019. I felt I needed to have a revamp of the finances that, that he had and I had, and bring things together. So I had a clearer picture of how I stood for the future.

I chose Robertson Baxter on the recommendation of a solicitor, who I was working with following the death of my husband at the end of 2019. My son and he were colleagues, and I felt that Robertson Baxter would be the kind of firm that I would be happy to trust with my money.

I’ve been working with Antony at Robertson Baxter and he’s helped me tremendously to consolidate the financial situation I was in. So I actually have a clearer picture now of where I stand financially and it helps me towards the future.

I feel far better informed than I was. We’ve simplified things somewhat. So, I have a very clear understanding of what investments are and how much risk they involve. But also, I know now, how much money I’ve got to spend.

The whole process, right from the initial meeting and then the process of going through what the options are, has been very gentle. At no point have I felt I’ve been pushed in any direction against my wishes. It’s given me a much better understanding of my financial affairs.

I felt that my needs were being catered for and Antony took a lot of time and trouble in ensuring that we got the best fit for what I wanted.

Three words I would use to describe Robertson Baxter, are trustworthy, friendly, and professional.

They’ve been very, very good to me and certainly helped me out of a situation where I was a little bit lost, following my bereavement. It’s been a company which I would recommend wholeheartedly to anybody.