Richard & Sam

Robertson Baxter make the process easy and understandable.

Sam: Hi, I’m Sam, this is my husband, Rich, we’ve got two children. Our son Frankie who’s two and this is Ralph, who’s five months. We have been clients of Robertson Baxter for around two years.

We needed financial advice, being a young family with two young boys. It was important for us to start looking forward into the future and to ensure our finances were aligned. Not just for ourselves, but to protect the little ones as well.

Richard: We chose Robertson Baxter through advice from our family. With them being a local company it was really easy to have that face-to-face conversation with them and speak to them.

Initially, we had our first meeting with Robertson Baxter, we sat down with Gillian, and Gillian has been our financial adviser since we started. She’s really good at speaking to us as a family. We have a real nice warm conversation about our family and we naturally and organically then progress into talking about our investments.

Gillian really understands, I think how we are as individuals and as a family and the things that we align with. So, it’s kind of almost like, we don’t have to reiterate why we want to potentially invest or go down this certain road. I think Gillian understands us. I think that only comes out, because of the conversations that we’ve had and the time that Robertson Baxter have invested in us as a family.

Sam: It was important for us that our investments were ethical to mirror the lifestyle that we try to lead. We are conscious about the environment, recycling, and all those kinds of things. So, it didn’t really make sense for us to not be conscious about our investments as well. Robertson Baxter were really good at showing us the difference between ethical investments, and some of the more traditional investments. Going through all that information, it was clear to us that that was the right decision for us as a family.

Richard: I feel really comfortable with our current finances with Robertson Baxter. When we first started this journey, we were really unaware of how we would invest money, we were really quite nervous about it. We probably had the attitude of it, if it’s sitting in the bank it’s safe. But actually, it’s not really increasing in value, it’s not really moving around.

Whereas working Robertson Baxter they are really forward-thinking in where your money has been invested. They’re really progressive, not just sitting and letting it do its thing. They’ll be questioning the investment that you’re getting back on it and that they’re always looking at options. From where we were two years ago, to where we are now, I have a much better understanding of the way the system works. Because of the journey that we’ve been on with Robertson Baxter. They’ve really helped us understand the market. Plus, as well, they’ve really been helpful in keeping us feel comfortable by informing us at important points through that process, which equally as a customer of theirs makes you feel comfortable about your investments instead of checking them all the time. If you are feeling slightly anxious about lumps of money being sat somewhere else as opposed to what you perceive as something safe as a conventional bank.

Sam: Working with Robertson Baxter gives me a lot of feelings of safety and security thinking about the future. We are quite a young couple still, thinking longer term about pensions. We’ve probably still not 100 per cent got our heads around that. But I know that Robertson Baxter will support us when the time is right. It’s a long journey that we’re on with them.

Richard: I would describe Robertson Baxter as a professional, progressive and accessible company.

If like us, you’re a young couple looking to maybe invest some money and don’t really understand how it works. I couldn’t recommend Robertson Baxter more. They make the situation that you find yourself in really easy-to-understand and they make you feel really comfortable from the get-go. They don’t push anything on you, they go through the process with you as a family, understand what you’re trying to get out of it and achieve and work with you to ultimately find your end goal.