Robertson Baxter are competent, knowledgeable and very transparent.

My wife, Cat, and I have been clients of Robertson Baxter for perhaps eight years now. Antony Barton is the person who looks after our account. But the introduction was really through Greg Robertson in the first place.

We were with one of the very big houses, and I used to go down to London with Cat to the conferences and sat through a lot of presentations. They were a good organisation, very safe and I use the word “safe”, because the return on investment was usually below the market “safe” level and so we came away thinking, “These are beautiful, plush offices…”. But that’s not really what I’m looking to invest in. We then decided to have a little look at how we could get a better return on our investment. And Robertson Baxter were absolutely first class in helping us with that.

A very good friend of mine invested, and Robertson Baxter looked after his investments. We were looking for somebody to add a little bit of value to our investments, and I’m a great believer in people buying people first. When I met Greg and Steve at Robertson Baxter, there was a good feel about both of them.

I liked that they were competent, knowledgeable, and very transparent in terms of what was going on in the marketplace. They were young and they were eager to help us.

It makes us feel that we’re operating within a team, and that’s a real important factor for us. So, if we can’t get hold of Antony or Greg, there’s always somebody in the organisation who knows us and can deal with our issues. We trust them and that’s really important. They add value – they don’t just look after our investment. They also help us navigate some of the issues that we might have when we’re purchasing a product or a property.

I think the three words I would use to describe Robertson Baxter are extremely competent, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Antony, who we see probably twice a year, talks us through our portfolio. But he doesn’t give us technical jargon all the time. When we have a conversation, he understands our family and our property portfolio and he gives us good advice. He just seems to press the right buttons for us.

The best thing about working with Robertson Baxter is that we have a six-monthly meeting. These are meetings we enjoy because the conversation we have with them is real. It isn’t overly technical; it’s a conversation about our investment, and about the future. And they are always interested in our lives, what we’re doing and even our families, which is lovely.

The best advice that they’ve ever given us is telling us that they’re here to invest and grow our investments, but they also encouraged us to enjoy our investment. That is, spend some money, which is what we have been doing. That’s been very sound advice, because that money has been replaced with the skills that they have brought to our portfolio.

Yeah, we’d recommend Robertson Baxter to many people. It’s a difficult one, you know, when you want to recommend somebody to invest and help you with your investments. It is quite difficult because it’s a bit of a risk, but with Robertson Baxter, we would have no hesitation in introducing and recommending them to look after people’s portfolios. In fact, we have already done so.