I now have confidence knowing we're in a good place, to do the things we want to do in retirement.

My name is John and I’ve been with Robertson Baxter now coming on to nearly three years.

We’ve always had financial planning, but Robertson Baxter, who were recommended by my sister-in-law. I was coming up to thinking about retirement and just thought it would be a good move to go to somebody like Robertson Baxter.

When I went to Robertson Baxter, what we were looking for was somebody to really take stock of our finances, where we were in life, where we’re going. So that’s why we went to them.

Decisions going forward after the meeting, was really to look at where we wanted to go and look at where we wanted to put our money to help us in the future. I think, by the questionnaire, and the talks with Antony, we were able to decide on what risks we wanted to take and what was best for us.

I’ve retired, a year into it. So, I’m loving life, some great advice from Antony. Even with the time of retirement on how to go about and what to do best, where to invest the money that I was going to get. I got a bit of a lump sum as well from retirement. Great advice.

It’s surreal, really, because it takes a little while to get used to it because it was full-on. I was a football coach and coach educator in the university sector. So, surrounded by young people, which are no longer there. I’m getting used to it. It’s great to go to bed at night and not worry about what’s happening the next day.

How I feel about my retirement going forward… Very, very confident. I think, working with Antony, and what is good is they’ve got the wealth platform where I can check all my finances online at an instant. I think Antony has just reaffirmed that I am quite comfortable without being a multimillionaire, I’m quite comfortable going forward. It’s just that confidence in knowing that we are in a good place to do things that we want to do.

I’m not sure how I would have felt about going forward if we hadn’t been working with Antony. But, now having worked with him, we’ve built up a really good relationship. I think the word is trust. I think I trust what Antony says and what he does. I think he’s got our interests at heart. So, I think we’re in a good place, having worked with Antony. He’s just given us the confidence to know that we have the money and what to do with our money, to enjoy going forward.

For us, I think the best thing about working with Robertson Baxter is that, like I said before, we have a trust that we’ve built up with Antony. Everything that I’ve been able to see with them is very professional. The bottom line, I have confidence that my money’s invested well it’s working well for me. I know that Antony’s working on my behalf as best you can.

Would I recommend Robertson Baxter? Speaking personally, definitely. They’ve been great for us. We’ve had previous advisers, which meet once a year or so. But I think with Robertson Baxter, it’s a continual process. They will contact us if they need to move our funds or if it’s not working. It’s all done in consultation, I think it’s just that continuous process throughout the year, which is brilliant for us.

For me, I’d describe them as trustworthy, they give me confidence, and are very, very professional in everything that they’ve done.