They have taken all the pain out of Financial Investment for me.

My name is Gayle, and I’ve been a client of Robertson Baxter for about two years.

I needed a financial adviser because I had come into some money. So, I had been made redundant from my job and I’d sold my house. I had no idea what the best way was to use that money.

I chose Robertson Baxter because they were recommended to me by a friend who was already using them. I’d put out a message to my network to see if anybody knew somebody and I wanted somebody who was very down to earth and easy-to-understand. My friend was very complimentary of them.

The process we went through involved sort of really understanding what I wanted for my financial advice. So, what were my goals, both short term and in the long term? Really understanding what financial systems I had in place, or what was my pension that I already had. Did I have any savings that I might have forgotten about? But really building a really clear picture of what it was that I wanted to achieve, which is really important, because I think sometimes you don’t know what you want to achieve, you just kind of want it sorted. They asked all the right questions.

For me, the ethical investment side was really important. Gillian was great at properly understanding what it was I meant by that. I had a kind of a vague knowledge of what I meant, but she helped me delve into exactly which kind of investments I was happy to make. As a result of that, I’ve got a portfolio now that I’m really comfortable with.

I think the best thing about working with Gillian has been that she’s really taken the time to understand me and my situation and my goals. To help me clarify them as well. I’m convinced that I’ve made the right decisions as a result of her, as a result of her advice.

I’ve recently set up my own business and with that comes a certain amount of financial insecurity. So, it was really important for me that Gillian helped me to work through that situation. To make sure that I did feel secure in the choices I was making with my work.

My financial future feels really good. I am quite open to risk with some of my investments. We’ve talked about that in quite a lot of detail, Gillian and I. I feel that she is able to look over things and will make recommendations when things need to change. It feels like they’re in really safe hands. Gillianā€™s great to talk to and discuss any issues that I might have. We have regular updates to make sure that things are going according to plan.

I would describe Robertson Baxter as reliable, helpful and trustworthy.

I would absolutely recommend Gillian and Robertson Baxter to my friends and actually, I have done that. They have taken all the pain out of financial investment for me and kept it really simple without any of the jargon. So, I think they’ve been perfect for me.