Ready for 2013

Drawing breath after 2012 has given us the opportunity to look forward to what 2013 is going to hold for us as a firm and we couldnt be more excited….

The foundations we have laid in the last 6 years have meant that the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) has been an evolution for us, not the revolution that it seems to have been in some sections of the industry; with many advisers now trying to work the way we have since 2007. We are firmly committed to being an Independent Financial Advice firm, unlike 8 of the 10 largest financial advisers in the country and we believe independence is important because it is valued by clients and professionals alike.

We are excited that clients and potential clients are becoming better informed about financial planning, that the lawyers we collaborate with have an increased awareness of the distinction between restricted and independent firms, that more transparent charges will lead to a focus on value and increased professionalism will level the playing field of advice.

The end of last year saw us add to the Robertson Baxter team, with the introduction of Simon Shorthouse as a technical financial planner, working alongside Greg and I on the technical report and letter writing. We have also further enhanced our offices with an even more welcoming client suite, board room equipped with the latest IT and distinctive building and roadside signage.

Finally our new web site (although we received lots of positive feedback about our old one!) with more opportunity to meet the expanded team, hear our opinions on industry and wider news through our blogs and twitter feeds, the ability to even better understand the RB Experience and most importantly provide our clients with the ability to log into their own affairs through our revolutionary back office system RB Enable.

We are very much looking forward to bringing all of this and more to you in 2013….


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